Site Specific Hazard Awareness Training

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Loaded trucks…

Loaded trucks always have the right of way.

Maintenance checks on your vehicles should be performed…

Maintenance checks should be done outside the right-of-way, either before leaving the stockpile area or after leaving the scale.

RPC stockpile trucks and mobile equipment…

RPC Stockpile trucks and mobile equipment share the road system with you.

Trucks are loaded…

Trucks are loaded from the driver's side. You must back into the stockpile area for the loader operator to load your truck.

While your truck is being loaded, you…

While your truck is being loaded, you should stay in the cab. If you need to leave for any reason, you must stay in the loader operator's view and wear a hard hat.

Speed limit while on RPC quarry property is…

The speed limit on RPC quarry property is 15MPH, unless otherwise posted.

In bad weather, wet or dry dusty days, speed on RPC property…

During bad weather or dusty days, speed on RPC quarry roads should be decreased.

Number of trucks that can be weighed at a time:

Only one truck can be weighed at a time.

In the event of an emergency at one of the quarries, who do you notify?

Scale house personnel, the quarry supervisor, or the corporate office are all appropriate to contact in the event of an emergency.

If you must observe welding or grinding operations you need to…

If you must observe welding or grinding operations you need to wear proper face & eye protection.

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